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  1. Hi BJ,

    I don’t see a need for term limits because they don’t address the real problem – voter apathy. Rather than lighting a fire under elected officials to “do the right thing”, term limits ensure that self-interest will dominate the final term of a politician on the lookout for his or her next career move.

    If we had an attentive electorate, discussions of the merits of term limits would be rendered moot.

    1. Hi Ray,

      I do not believe that term limits alone will solve the slew of problems caused by decade upon decade of corrupt and incompetent leadership at the local, state and federal levels of our government.

      Likewise, I do not believe I am alone in the realization that more problems appear to flow out of the offices of our elected officials, with Washington setting the precedent, than do solutions.

      I’ve come to attribute this to the simple fact that we continue to send the source of our problems there, then allow them to remain there, unchecked, for said decades.

      That being said, if term limits serve only to prevent incumbents from becoming ‘entrenched’ in the quagmire of their own self-interests and blind service to the special interests who finance their campaigns – the later being another practice which ‘must’ end – then I believe it will have served its purpose.

      My definition of an acceptable term limit is one (1)… after which time former office holders can move on, or return to whatever sector from whence they came.

      Always appreciate your views and comments. Btw, stopped over at your blog recently and I see you’ve been busy. I’m chewing on several responses. 🙂

      Talk to you soon,

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