The Blurred Lines of Democracy (GOP Style)


Everybody get up!

Next time vote for us and we won’t fix what ain’t broken
Might even let cha’ hit these tea leaves we be smokin’
From LA to Hoboken
We mean it, we ain’t jokin’
Don’t elect no mo’ tokens
And we’ll be gentler when we’re…

Blurred lines…
We know you want it.


The No Compromise Senate: All For Them Or Nothing For All:

What the leaders of the Republican establishment attempted to do to this country after having lost their bid to win the White House is tantamount to what desperate and deranged parents attempt to do when they set the house ablaze while the children are sleeping because they lost the custody battle.

In their view it’s all for them, or it’s nothing for all!

But in my view, the later is no more fit to parent than the first is fit to lead.

And I will take that to the polls.