Come Sunday?


I love the game of football, almost as much as I love this country, and have the added privilege of being able to take my son to a few NFL games during the regular season. That said, I really don’t know right now if I will take a knee in protest or if I will stand during the playing of the national anthem at the next game we attend. I also do not know which military veterans I would be openly disrespecting, as some folks have implied, if I were to take that knee. Or, for that matter, which ones I would be honoring if I decide to stand?

Would it be the thousands of veterans who sacrificed their lives in the service of this country defending the belief in the truth the all men are created equal, Read the rest of this entry


It takes a village… and a very special teacher.

It takes a very special person to accept the daunting responsibility of teaching autistic and other developmentally challenged children. It takes a very gifted individual to do it as well as my baby girl does it.

But she needs our help.

If you give a donation to her classroom by March 24 your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code LIFTOFF on the payment page and you’ll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $50).

I just made a $50.00 donation because, well, that’s my baby girl. So I guess that makes me a little biased. Just call me a ‘Daddy Supremacist!’

If you chip in to help her students, you’ll get awesome photos and a heartfelt thanks from her class.

I get a hugs. Being a dad has its perks! 🙂


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