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  1. Hi BJ,

    I’ve only experienced this type of service once, when I accompanied a friend to her church. It was too intense (and long) for me, but I have an excuse. As a Catholic, the services I attended while growing up rarely featured even a tambourine. Ray

    1. Hi Ray,

      I’m one of those lucky people who has had the privilege of attending Mass, worshipping in the Synagogue, the Mosque, and even a Buddhist Temple – due in part to the amazing people I have known and who sought to know me!

      I guess I, like Ghandi, can consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, and Confucian. And that’s only on my Father’s side! 😉

      I’ve many friends whose first Pentacostal Church service experience was an unforgettable one. Having grown up in one, I’m blessed to say I have more than I could ever remember. But the ones I remember…

      So tell me, did you wanna’ get yo shout on? 😀

      So good chatting with you, again!


      1. I’ve been to a variety of services, but not as many as you. While there, I sit back and listen, but even if I connect with what is being said, which I usually do, I’ve never felt the urge to “get my shout on” or be demonstrative in any way. As an observer I can say that those who do feel it appear to be showing it in a genuine way, so I’m not mocking by any means. It’s just not there for me.

        I’m glad to be around more often than I have been and connecting with you as well.

      2. The ways in which we connect are as varied as the ways in which we demonstrate it when we do. The point, IMO, is to connect, or disconnect if and when we deem it necessary. LOL ~ IMO, when it comes to expressing how we connect (when we connect) you’re one of the most demonstrative people I know! So you shout with a keyboard!

        Just so you know…
        I always got my shout on sitting comfortably in the pugh!
        For me, that was quite a demonstration.
        Besides, I couldn’t afford to ruin a good suit!


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