One Easter


One Easter
c., 1994

Spring is here, the full moon past
The first Sunday has come
All things are new, mankind en-mass
The Christian, Jew, Muslim

I do not question if it was the Christ
Or Eostre as some say
Who by one’s death so paid the price
Or which one rose today

For I am assured of my own birth
If not the Paschal Mystery
That my time to dwell upon this earth
Is not an eternity

So today I meditate and celebrate
In prayer and reflection
And claim this also as the date
Of my own resurrection

My spring is here, my full moon past
My first Sabbath day has come
I am made new with man en-mass
Be he Christian, Jew, Muslim

The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God. ~C.S. Lewis

Would that I should become a son so that I might call them brother.

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