It’s About Time!

You know…

There are times, sometimes, when it seems as if time itself is the one thing, of all life’s precious commodities, that I don’t have much of anymore.

When the idea of having free time is so illusory that I’m loathe to even considering it exists;

And leisure time seems an exorbitant luxury I can ill afford to indulge, much less waste.

Truth is …

Most of the time this happens at some momentous time when I’m least aware of anything else, and most aware of nothing else but the present time.

I suppose now is one of those rare times.

Oh well.

Wish I had more time to dwell on it, but I’ve got too many things to do today and not much time.

Otherwise, I’ll have to do them this weekend at the expense of my favorite past time.

Funny aint it?

So I just wanted to take a moment – just a little time – out of my otherwise busy day to say,

I hope you all have a great weekend.

And whatever you do with your time;

May every second, minute and hour of the day be time well spent.

2 Replies to “It’s About Time!”

  1. Hi BJ,

    Ever since I returned to school in the 90’s, I’ve been acutely aware of time. Of course, I knew that it existed and that it wasn’t something to be wasted before then, but I wasted much of it anyway. I determined that there was no way that I could do it all, but I still wanted to. The only solution that I could come up with was to stop sleeping, so I gradually reduced the number of hours that I slept. I ended up being able to live my life on four hours of sleep. Nearly twenty years later, I’ve long ago finished school, but have continued to live with less. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a life and a quarter, but there are still lots of things that are being left undone.

    Do all that you can, and that’ll just have to be enough.


    1. Hi Ray,

      Interestingly enough, I started writing a simple little ‘Have a nice weekend’ note to a friend (and after admonishing myself for not taking the time to do such a simple little thing more often, with as many friends) it morphed into that post.

      Like you, a typical day for me starts at 0300 and ends at around 2300 for pretty much the same reasons: So much to learn; So much to do; So little time. And yet, I haven’t seen the bottom of either my ‘To Learn’ or ‘To Do’ list in the 10+ years I’ve spent on this track.

      LOL …

      That being said:

      I humbly acknowledge your seniority, as you should now be around the same age as my father.

      “Do all that you can and that’ll just have to be enough.”


      I can’t help but wonder what the sum total would be if each of us did just that.

      Perhaps, more than enough?

      Thanks for your comments.


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