Marketing Memo To The Faithful

The best way to spread the faith is not in trying to sell it to others; it’s in proving to others that you’ve bought it.


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  1. Hi BJ,

    I agree, but it’s easy to see why spreading “The Word” can be a challenge. In my case, the only place where I want to be preached to is in the pew. It doesn’t matter if the person preaching is of my faith, my eyes glaze over as soon as they begin if I am anywhere else.

    Lots of folks talk a good game, but unless I observe it in practice, it remains just talk to me.


    • Thanks Ray,

      I believe the best way to spread “The Word” is to live by it. Can’t say I exemplify either example, but I’ll never attempt to do the first without first attempting to doing the later!

      Thanks for your thoughts.
      Iron does indeed sharpen iron!


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