Memorial Day 2011: Who Do You Remember?


There are some today who won’t remember the twenty-three brave warriors who were killed in Panama during the early morning hours of December 20, 1989 (and the days immediately following) while participating in the U.S. military operation “Just Cause“. Perhaps it is because their memories are fading, or has been overshadowed by other events that preceeded and followed that particular time in history.

But there are some today whose lives, both past and present, are indelibly linked to that fateful day in history. Who will never need occasion to remember those who fell… because there has never be an occasion when they have forgetten. I am one of them.

Day Is Done,
Gone the Sun,
From the Earth,
From the Hill,
From the Sky,
All Is Well,
Safely Rest,
God Is Nigh
U.S. Army  
Staff Sgt. Larry Barnard 3/75th Rangers Hallstead, PA
Pfc. Roy D. Brown Jr. 3/75th Rangers Buena Park, CA
Pvt. Vance T. Coats 82nd Airborne Division Great Falls, MT
Spec. Jerry S. Daves 82nd Airborne. Division NC
Sgt. Michael A. Deblois 82nd Airborne Division Dubach, LA
Pfc. Martin D. Denson 82nd Airborne Division Abilene, TX
Pfc. William D. Gibbs 7th Infantry Division. Marina, CA
Spec. Phillip S. Lear 2/75th Rangers Westminster, SC
Spec. Alejandro Manriquelozano 82nd Airborne Division Lauderhill, FL
Pfc. James W. Markwell 1/75th Rangers Cincinnati, OH
Cpl. Ivan M. Perez 5th Infantry Division Pawtucket, RI
Pfc. John M. Price 2/75th Rangers Conover, WI
Pfc. Scott L. Roth 89th Military Police Brigade Killeen, TX
Pvt. Kenneth D. Scott 5th Infantry Division Princeton, WV
1st Lt. John R. Hunter 160th Aviation Victor, MT
CWO2 Wilson B. Owens 160th Aviation Myrtle Beach, SC
CWO2 Andrew P. Porter 7th Infantry Division Saint Clair, MI
Pvt. James A. Taber Jr. 82nd Airborne Division Montrose, CO
U.S. Navy  
Lt. j.g. John Connors Special Warfare Group Arlington, ME
BM1 Chris Tilghman Special Warfare Group Kailua, HI
ENC Donald McFaul Special Warfare Group Deschutes, OR
TM2 Issac G. Rodriguez III Special Warfare Group Missouri City, TX
U.S. Marine Corps.
Cpl. Garreth C. Isaak 2nd Marine Division Greenville, SC

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  1. It sounds like Mr. Trudeau was an amazing fellow. The kind of man who – whether soldier, friend, husband, father, etc. – leaves an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of those he knew and those who were fortunate enough to have known him. I believe, had I known him personally, that I would have liked him. Because of you, I feel as if I did! 😀

  2. I remember my dearest friend, now gone, Clyde Trudeau, 82nd Airborne – wounded at Bastogne, sorely wounded at the Liberation of Buchenwald. Most decorated soldier from our home state in WW2, all the way up to a nomination for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    He spent 16 months in hospital recovering from that war – and dedicated the rest of his life to opposing war, war profiteers, the politics of war.

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