Distinguishing The Victims From The Abuser

Gilbert, PA
Gilbert, PA
Fire damage can be seen on the side of this house . The home was the scene of a standoff that ended with a man being fatally shot by state police after he earlier fired a shot that hit a state trooper in the head. During the standoff, he took his mother and two others hostage and set fire to the house. Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record

The mother of the Gilbert, PA man who was shot dead by police during a standoff Thursday said her son was a victim of bath salts and that the addictive hallucinogen ultimately drove him over the edge.

While I don’t purport to understand the mysteries of a mother’s love, and certainly sympathize with her tragic loss; I’m finding it difficult to agree with her contention that her son was the victim.

Maybe a twelve year old who, out of curiosity, had  mistakenly fallen prey to a widely known synthetic hallucinogen that mimics the effects of cocaine or methamphetamines (which they could legally purchase from a corner store) would have been a victim. But not a twenty-nine year old man who should have been, and was by all accounts, aware of the risks. He was not the victim here. He was the abuser.

I wish the bereaving mother had succeeded in getting her son into a rehab. Perhaps, then and there, they could’ve gotten to the root cause of, and the fix for, whatever was ailing him. Moreover; I wish the law, PA Senate Bill 1006, that made the sale of this toxic waste illegal had taken effect immediately, instead of sixty days after its signing. It would have been a clear violation of his parole.

Because it wasn’t, the police had no legal grounds upon which to arrest him. And because they couldn’t; a known drug abuser had the licensure to abuse his drug of choice, and the real victims became a women who was taken hostage by her own son in her own home, a State Trooper who was shot in the head, and the police officers who were forced to shoot and kill a twenty-nine year old man who I’m certain had no idea of what he was doing.

Oh yeah! And anyone else who’s anxiously waiting for August 23rd!

DWB in HacKKKettstown, NJ

The sign and website reads welcome to Hackettstown. Located in a valley along the banks of the Musconetcong River in Northwest New Jersey, USA. Founded in 1853, Hackettstown is home to Centenary College and M&M/Mars, Inc. The town is dedicated to its citizens and to preserving the quality of life that we enjoy.
What neither says is:
This is the stark truth I’m reminded of, yet again, as I’m cruising down Main Street the other morning in this good-ole-boy, Northwestern NJ town. I’m chatting with my Mrs. – about everything in general and nothing in particular – when I suddenly hear the faint blast of a siren. I instinctively glance up at the rear view mirror where I note the drivers behind me slowly moving to the right. I don’t see the source of the commotion until the driver in the vehicle directly behind me pulls over and unobstructs my view. It’s a patrol car. I start moving over in typical fashion so the vehicle can pass, but, to my surprise, it doesn’t pass. It pulls over, too! Directly behind me and stops… lights flashing.
“Well I’ll be damned!” I exclaim, shaking my head in disbelief. The expletive startles my wife.
“What’s wrong?” She asks.
“You’re not gonna’ believe this, but I’ve just been profiled by Hackettstown Police.”
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