Just Another Day

Spent a few moments this morning, and throughout most of the day, thinking about the events that unfolded on this day ten years ago. Where I was. What I was doing. What I thought and felt those first few seconds as I watched the now unforgettable images (we all know what they were) on the television screen.


The stark realization of the truth…


Sadness because I knew (as sure as I know human nature) what was to come. Continue reading “Just Another Day”

Play Gods

Michelangelo's Creation of AdamWho are we to play God?!

I didn’t know if I was being asked the proverbial rhetorical question, or if I’d just received a definitive declaration. But that’s what a friend of mine wrote, to my amusement, in response to one of my recent posts.

It really didn’t matter to me whether it was a question, a declaration, or both. My response would have been the same… Continue reading “Play Gods”

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