Donald Trump Is a Broken Man

I do not believe Donald Trump has been broken by his irrefutable failures as President. I believe he was flawed at birth and, quite possibly, born soul-less.

That he grew (small emphasis on grew) to become the adult version of the jaundiced, one-eyed sociopath he’d been as a child; and whose pathology was coddled, nurtured and cultivated by an equally sociopathic father.

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The Final Jeopardy Category is Hyp(e)ocrisy.


The answer:

After almost two and a half centuries of masquerading as a gleaming bastion of freedom and sterling example of a nation where all men are created equal, this country’s government was accused of implementing a system of institutionalized discrimination, blatant police brutality and a host of other international human rights violations by the same UN panel it helped establish to, er… protect human rights.

Dahhh dah dahhh dah dahhh dah dah…

U.N. Panel Sharply Criticizes Police Brutality in U.S.

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