Funeral Party Crashers Crash Wrong Party

Military Funeral Protestors Choose Wrong Funeral!

f you want to know what happens when you pursue a foolish cause and compound it by fooling with the wrong people in the wrong town, then just ask the members of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS.
They found out first hand when they decided to crash the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey, of nearby McAlester, to protest what they say is America’s un-godly tolerance of homosexuality. After finishing their picket sign wielding “God Hates America” protest they found themselves in the precarious position of having to face off with a crowd of over 1,000 Anti-protestor protestors and required the protective services of more than two dozen law-enforcement officers – state troopers, sheriff’s deputies and local police as they hobbled their way out of town!  

 I don’t know if God hates America, but I know someone in McAlester, KS didn’t like the tires on their mini-van.

 Bet the word Exodus has a brand new meaning for them now!


… Now I Know, Too!

IMG00040-20101021-1455A short time ago, my best friend and fellow carpooler noted His surprise at the number of times I had driven past these steps without the slightest curiosity. “It’s so unlike you,” He said, “to not want to know what’s on the other side!“
He was right: it wasn’t like me to not want to know something… anything… everything. Yet for several years, and sometimes as much as several times a week, I had driven past those steps in our constant comings and goings, always in a hurry to somewhere and sometimes rushing from nowhere, until they were just another passing phantom in both my peripheral vision and memory. Truth be told: I would have been surprised if, at that moment, I could have told Him what that number was. “I’m gonna’ stop one day,” I promised Him, “and find out what’s at the top of those stairs.”
IMG00032-20101017-1533 Today, my best friend noted His surprise at the number of times I’ve stopped, during our many comings and goings, just to walk to the top of those same stairs. “You know why I stop.” I said smiling at Him. “It’s because now we both know what’s here!”