Dubya settles the score with McClellan… I think?

Former President George Bush with Scott McClellan

In an interview with CSPAN, former President George W. Bush implied that Scott McClellan – his former press secretary and the man who basically spoke for his administration for three years – was irrelevant.

Now I could be wrong. But let’s say I chose a certain individual to speak for me, then said that individual was irrelevant. Wouldn’t that also make me … ? Nah!

Bush takes swing at former press secretary – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Blog Post: NJ Gets Christie Cremed!

NJ Gov Chris Christie

Christie cancels Hudson River Train Tunnel Project

Ya’ gotta’ applaud NJ’s pugnacious Governor for not only having the balls to piss off the state’s construction and trade unions (under the guise of protecting NJ taxpayers no less); but to do it with such bravado.

I aint mad at cha’ Chris, but I do wonder what Tony would do if he knew the “Big Pussy” wasn’t really swimming with fishes?

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