DWB in HacKKKettstown, NJ

The sign and website reads welcome to Hackettstown. Located in a valley along the banks of the Musconetcong River in Northwest New Jersey, USA. Founded in 1853, Hackettstown is home to Centenary College and M&M/Mars, Inc. The town is dedicated to its citizens and to preserving the quality of life that we enjoy.
What neither says is:
This is the stark truth I’m reminded of, yet again, as I’m cruising down Main Street the other morning in this good-ole-boy, Northwestern NJ town. I’m chatting with my Mrs. – about everything in general and nothing in particular – when I suddenly hear the faint blast of a siren. I instinctively glance up at the rear view mirror where I note the drivers behind me slowly moving to the right. I don’t see the source of the commotion until the driver in the vehicle directly behind me pulls over and unobstructs my view. It’s a patrol car. I start moving over in typical fashion so the vehicle can pass, but, to my surprise, it doesn’t pass. It pulls over, too! Directly behind me and stops… lights flashing.
“Well I’ll be damned!” I exclaim, shaking my head in disbelief. The expletive startles my wife.
“What’s wrong?” She asks.
“You’re not gonna’ believe this, but I’ve just been profiled by Hackettstown Police.”

Newt Can’t Jump!

t1larg_obamabball123.jpgFormer House Speaker and Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says Obama has “checked out!” because he chose to make an appearance on ESPN to talk about his NCAA tournament picks, instead of focusing his attention on all the crises in the world. But Newt seems to have overlooked the fact that not a single world crisis took pause while he was on Fox News focusing his attention on the President. And, I might add, offering his own NCAA tournament pick.

Newt_Gingrich_25.jpgI must admit, however, that I was surprised by Newt’s choice and his apparent knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball. He chose Duke, because his best friend from high school went there.

Crises of the world lookout! Here comes Newt!