Play Gods

Michelangelo's Creation of AdamWho are we to play God?!

I didn’t know if I was being asked the proverbial rhetorical question, or if I’d just received a definitive declaration. But that’s what a friend of mine wrote, to my amusement, in response to one of my recent posts.

It really didn’t matter to me whether it was a question, a declaration, or both. My response would have been the same… Continue reading “Play Gods”

If I Were Eddie Long’s Friend?

A lot of people by now have either seen or at least heard of Creflo Dollar’s rant about (and to) the members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA, who fled like Israelites from Egypt after Eddie Long chose to settle a sexual misconduct lawsuit for a reported $25 million dollars instead of “Fighting like David fought Goliath”, as he swore he would do. But if I were Eddie Long’s friend … Continue reading “If I Were Eddie Long’s Friend?”
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