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Merry Alt-Christmas

Many today are celebrating the birth of a Man who was killed more than two thousands years ago by the rich and powerful leaders of that time for being a liberal, left leaning advocate of peace, the poor, the weak, the downtrodden and the outcast.

I used to wonder if a like-minded man, in times such as these, could ever lead a nation of peoples such as those? Or if its rich and powerful leaders would choose to plot against him, question his birth, call him names, try to kill him or worse; choose his opposite?

Truth be told: I wish I still had to wonder.

Merry Alt-Christmas to all, and to all a good Sol night.

I’m not observing Paganism. I’m just ignoring Christianity. Duh!

(T)he (R)esult of (U)ninformed (M)ental (P)rocessess?

Is the only thing that could explain how the science which made this possible,

and this;

Is suddenly bullshit after creating this!

I’m no expert on climate change. I’m just a dumb engineer who spends the better part of the working day, and sometimes weekends, chasing accelerated electrons through various semiconductor materials. To date, I haven’t caught any; but I haven’t given up hope. Like I said, I’m a pretty dumb guy.

But I ain’t stupid.

I did learn (somewhere between elementary earth science and quantum theory) that the laws which govern heaven and earth are not (and will never be) legislated by the U.S. Congress and signed by Presidents. Not even one wearing a pompadour who declares himself to be a “Pretty smart guy.”

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