To Michael Brown Sr… From a Friend:

Dear Mike Sr.,

I, and whoever was on your left, really applaud the video you made the other day appealing to the people of Ferguson, MO for peaceful demonstrations and non-violent protests. After all, the need to know that your son’s violent and unnecessary death was not in vain; and the burning hope that it could one day lead to incredible and positive change is something I understand more than anyone you could possibly know.

But, Mike, as much as it pains me to admit it…

the sad truth is the death of my Son did not lead to incredible and positive change in the world (if it had Mike might still be alive) and the death of yours won’t lead to change in Ferguson. Trust me on this one. I know people.

Take it from me: The most you can hope for is a settlement for an undisclosed amount of cash (People are raising huge amounts of money in my Son’s name); perhaps a street named after your beloved Michael, most likely in the worst part of town or the street on which he was actually gunned down (but I repeat myself) and, if you’re lucky, a day of observance to honor and remember his very short life.

Good luck with the last one?

Oh, by the way, December 25th is already taken.

Yours Truly,

A Friend

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