Rangel: It’s Time for a War Tax and a Reinstated Draft

A War Tax and Military Draft would not amount to an equal stake (when deciding to go to war) for all Americans, but another stake through the heart of the poor and underprivileged who would shoulder the burden of having to fight it while the wealthy stayed home. The Senator needs to get his head out of his, er, the sand.


While I am optimistic about our Commander-in-Chief’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, I voted against the Continuing Appropriations Resolution 2015 that would grant the President the authority to provide funds to train and arm Syrian rebels against the enemy. I opposed the amendment because I strongly believe amassing additional debt to go to war should involve all of America debating the matter. That is why I have called for levying a war tax in addition to bringing back the military draft. Both the war surcharge and conscription will give everyone in America a real stake in any decision on going to war, and compel the public to think twice before they make a commitment to send their loved ones into harm’s way.

As a Korean War veteran, I know the plight of war. Our military is the best in the world, but war is unpredictable…

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