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Art Imitating Life?

Wouldn’t it be great, or at least more realistic, if the major TV networks presented viewers with a fall line-up that’s more reflective of today’s society? For example:

1. White Collar Criminal Minds
2. Politically Derelict
3. Modern Dysfunctional Family
4. Desperate Mistresses
5. Basketball Ho’s
6. Cops Who Cop
7. Selling Sex In The City
8. Crooked Deal or No Deal

Maybe it’s just me, but I really think it would make watching television seem a lot like not watching television at all?

Lawless and Disorderly – NYPD

Lawless and Disorderly – NYPD 

In NY City, the people are represented by one duplicitous group: The police, who arrest criminals; and the police who are criminals. These are their stories.
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