If I Were Eddie Long’s Friend?

A lot of people by now have either seen or at least heard of Creflo Dollar’s rant about (and to) the members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA, who fled like Israelites from Egypt after Eddie Long chose to settle a sexual misconduct lawsuit for a reported $25 million dollars instead of “Fighting like David fought Goliath”, as he swore he would do. But if I were Eddie Long’s friend …
… I would not have admonished the former members of New Birth who left in hopes of finding cleaner waters in some other Canaan. I would have admonished Eddie Long. If I were truly his friend, I would not have attempted to diminish and downplay the severity of his transgressions before an audience of witnesses, some of whom may have been silent victims, by comparing it to a simple fender bender. In fact, I would not have spoken to them at all. If I were Eddie Long’s friend, I would have been talking to Eddie Long. “You’re just a man, Eddie,” I would have said. “Flesh, imperfect and weak; as am I, and all those we both say we’ve been called to lead and mentor. Well, Eddie, as a leader and mentor you blew a golden opportunity to do ‘The Right Thing’ after having done ‘The Wrong Thing’. Namely: To pick up ‘your’ cross and carry it to ‘your’ Calgary, as did the Christ we both so adamantly declare we love, trust and would follow there if given the choice. Isn’t this what we’ve been preaching to the multitudes and professing from the pulpit for almost two decades? But you didn’t do that Eddie.
Now watch this Creflo, watch this:
I would have said, “Eddie, this is not just a simple case of a man who slipped and fell by the wayside. You didn’t slip and fall Eddie, and you know it. Rather, you plunged head first into an iniquitous pit of your own design and then you waddled in it like a pig in a mud puddle for only God and you know how long.” That’s what I would have said if I were really Eddie’s friend. I would have reminded him that we already know why he did it.
What you did, instead, was choose the secular way out of a spiritual dilemma. Instead of going ‘through the fire’, you chose to go around it after trying to douse the flames with thirty-three pieces of silver. Instead of trusting in God’s word and the power of truth, you chose to trust in man’s laws and the power of silence after a cash settlement. And in so doing, you proved to everyone watching and listening that your own faith is barren, your own belief is void, and that you haven’t bought what we’ve both been selling! That, my friend, is where you have failed!”
Some friend you are Creflo?
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