Newt Can’t Jump!

t1larg_obamabball123.jpgFormer House Speaker and Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says Obama has “checked out!” because he chose to make an appearance on ESPN to talk about his NCAA tournament picks, instead of focusing his attention on all the crises in the world. But Newt seems to have overlooked the fact that not a single world crisis took pause while he was on Fox News focusing his attention on the President. And, I might add, offering his own NCAA tournament pick.

Newt_Gingrich_25.jpgI must admit, however, that I was surprised by Newt’s choice and his apparent knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball. He chose Duke, because his best friend from high school went there.

Crises of the world lookout! Here comes Newt!

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  1. Hi BJ,

    When I read about this — I think the headline was something like, “Newt Bashes Obama for Picks” — I wasn’t surprised. This sort of thing has become commonplace, so I often don’t even bother to click on the link. The story never changes. It’s as if the expectation is that the President should be on duty 24/7. What’s next? “Obama showers while people go hungry. Details at eleven.”

    My bracket is already busted. Pittsburgh underwhelms again. I must be a glutton for punishment for having picked them to win it all.

    I hope that you’re doing better with your bracket. You’d almost have to be. 🙂

    Good to see that you’ve added the feed. Subscribed!


    1. How ya’ doin’ Ray,

      You’re right of course. I never cease to be amazed by the prognostications of a very select group of anti-Obama politicians and pundits… and would not be surprised if one of them formed a grassroots coalition to oppose his NCCA pick! LOL!

      I haven’t been stricken by the March Madness bug in over a decade. But now that my 12 year old son has taken up an interest in the game, I’m starting to show symptoms every now and again from past afflictions!

      I’m East Coast Baby! LOL!

      Thanks for subscribing…

      Just so you know, I have a shortcut on my favorites bar that links to your blog. I dubbed it: Ramonisms!

      Take care,

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